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A professional film developing and scanning service mail-order for both Colour and traditional Black and White films. Filmdev is a small company dedicated to photographers who shoot film. Film has an amazing ability and uniqueness to create that personal look, but it can be difficult or near impossible to find a a company that will not only develop your film with care but can also scan your film the way you want it every time.


Professional mail-order film developing and scanning service for both C41 colour and traditional Black and White film.

Both C41 and Black and white films are developed using computer controlled processors incorporating a deionised water system for consistent high quality using industry standard chemistry from Fujifilm™ and Kodak.

We offer both the Noritsu HS1800 and Fuji Frontier commercial scanners for the highest quality scans from your film negatives. We send you a WeTransfer link for you to download you images on completion of your order. 

Noritsu HS-1800

Noritsu HS-1800

Below is a guide to our 35mm scan sizes but we also offer 120 film ranging from 6×4.5 up to 6×12.

The Noritsu supports both Xpan and Half Frame formats and 16bit TIFF

Small 1545px x 1024px

Medium 3091px x 2048px

Large 6774px x 4492px

Fuji Frontier SP-3000

Fuji Frontier SP-3000

Below is a guide to our 35mm scan sizes but we also offer 120 film ranging from 6×4.5 up to 6×9.

Small 1818px x 1228px

Medium 2988px x 1972px

Large 4547px x 3047px


Simply print out and complete the order form that can be downloaded above. Alternatively, clearly write your order details including name, address, email and contact number and include this with your order.


Our address details can be found on the order form above. Securely package your films before sending and check postal charges to avoid delays. We do not charge you until your order has been processed.


We send you a Paypal invoice on completion of your order. Once your payment has been made you will receive a Wetransfer link to  your images within 24 hours. Your negatives will be posted back to you within 5 days of your order being completed


If you would like more information on our products and services or you have a particular requirement please complete the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.


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